Pic 'n' check

Medication codes or text

The following countries (all implemented in Drug GPS) have codes visibly printed on all medication packages:

  • USA: NDC codes.
  • Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden): VNr. codes. (We haven't got them for Sweden yet, though)
  • Spain: Codigo nacional.

If you choose any of the countries with codes printed on their medication packages, you can choose to supply these codes instead of choosing the medication from a (long) list of medication approved in that country.

Take a picture of the medication and get the code(s) recognized automatically

These code are easy to recognize by OCR software. Therefore we will soon deploy a service (for these countries) where you just take a picture of the medication (eventually all of it in one picture), and then the solution recognizes the code from the picture.

For other countries it will recognize the text on the package, but this being less easy and secure, it is likely to come later.