The knowledge is free. The integrations cost money

The terms are mentioned below.

The knowledge service is freely provided on a web site, and you can use it anonymously, for yourself and for somebody else than yourself, or just as a test.

The professional user (doctors, health providers etc.) pay USD 2 per citizen in their portfolio (which may be a whole area) per year. This translates to USD 300 per month per family doctor (having a usual number of citizens in their portfolio). If the tool is used only on a risky population, e.g. for pharmacy screening of the elderly etc., the price is USD 75 per screening or per individual use, consistent with the elevated risk of finding a medical error in this population group.

Knowledge is free

You do not pay for the knowledge. It is provided "as is" from a server in Ireland (Amazon AWS). In order to provide it, we have had to put together a lot of knowledge (as specified elsewhere on this site).

It is similar to a GPS, to which you cannot pass traffic tickets, and which does not guarantee that it gives the best route. But you choose to trust it.

Integration costs money

When the service is integrated, you use its web service, where you can associate the anonymous ID of the person and of the screening (if the screening is created by you) with your own registry of people, and thereby you can identify the person (but we can not identify the person).

Since all data is time stamped and actor stamped, and never deleted or updated, only added, it conforms with all clinical standards (incl. HIPAA). And it is possible to use the free service in a compliant way, enabling a full conformance track of information and recommended (and actual) decisions and variants of the knowledge applied in the recommendations.

The conformance report, you thus have, enables you to document everything - and win potantial malpractice lawsuits.

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