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Everybody taking one or several drugs should have assistance online.

Package inserts are digitized into intelligent check lists. And for those taking many drugs, Drug GPS can find errors that are not discovered by the doctor or pharmacist.

This site is for the community associated with Drug GPS. Everybody except those who just want to use it for checking.

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Active Substances amounts. Base doses. Weights in the risk classes. Categorization to find multiplicities. Allergy classes. Digitization of package inserts. Derivation of required measurements and additional questions.


Check medication

Go to in order to check the medication for yourself or sombody you care about.


Business case

Why can Drug GPS find errors. Which kind of errors. How many are there. How to find them.



Versions: Anonymous and free. Commercial. Integrated. You purchase integration and documentation; the knowledge service is free


Pic 'n' check

Take a picture of your medicines - and that may be enough. Correct dosage where different from "one per day".

IT at work for humans

Cleaning up national medication databases, and converting their active substances to our global list, unleashes a new set of checks that allow us to find the serious errors in medication lists that otherwise go unnoticed. This way we can eradicate medication errors from Earth. And we can start a journey where any human gets the best knowledge on Earth to work for her/him in any situation. For free, or as a part of the integrated services of treatment.

We are all the same humans (different by genes, but not by where we live). We suffer the same diseases. We consume medication with the same ingredients.

Real results and users

1 in 50 take at least 10 medications. 75% of them have an unnoticed error that Drug GPS can find. Doctors differ on how serious they are, but many are life threatening. And all have the potential to create a better life when fixed. Statistics are so far based on 55 known people who consume 10+ medications in Denmark and Norway.

The system is simple to use. And it has saved my kidneys. Even though we paid a pharmacy to analyze my medication, they did not see the error...

- Claudia Byriel Holte, Denmark

We were surprised that so little had been done to medication databases, which would be done to data in other areas.

- Kaare Norgaard CEO - Ocean Process A/S

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Eradicate Medication Errors